Using Detroit's History for a Brighter Future!
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Reclaim Detroit creates local jobs while solving the blight problem.

Reclaim Detroit is a social enterprise founded in 2010 to fight blight, create jobs for Detroiters, and reclaim valuable resources from the landfill using deconstruction and innovative reuse practices.  Our crews carefully dismantle parts of buildings that would otherwise be destroyed by demolition, saving everything from antique doors to old growth lumber, while also gaining valuable work experience in the green construction and demolition industry.

Beyond our core efforts to train and employ workers facing barriers to employment, Reclaim Detroit has successfully advocated for city-wide policies that support the sustainable removal of structures with an eye towards reuse and local economic development.  Largely as a result of these efforts along with support from many partners and foundations, Reclaim Detroit will soon enter a public private partnership with Detroit to manage and operate a Reuse Hub in midtown.

Every house matters.  Every job matters.  Reclaim Detroit.



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