Using Detroit's History for a Brighter Future!
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There are an estimated 70,000 abandoned homes in Detroit. Most are beyond repair. Some are fire damaged and some have suffered prolonged exposure to the elements.  Those homes are not good candidates for deconstruction.  We put the safety of our crews above anything else.  However, we want to deconstruct as many homes as possible.  We know that we are not the solution, but a very key piece of the puzzle.

Deconstruction saves thousands of tons of materials from the landfills. It gives training and jobs to those Detroiters who have been chronically unemployed.  Deconstruction puts hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy and preserves pieces of Detroit’s heritage in beautiful ways.

Support Reclaim Detroit by purchasing one of our beautiful handcrafted products. The very fist to be offered is the Reclaim Detroit End Grain Cutting Board. This is no ordinary cutting board. The End-Grain Butcher Block manufactured by Reclaim Detroit™ is made from structural lumber deconstructed from the interior of Detroit’s abandoned and vacant building stock. Reclaim Detroit’s talented millworkers and trainees handcraft each block with pride.




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