Using Detroit's History for a Brighter Future!
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Our Mission

Reclaim Detroit's mission is to insitutionalize deconstruction into the mainstream building removal practices in order to maximize the social, environmental and economic benefits for the local community.

We are particularly focused on helping solve Detroit's blight problem and committed to creating jobs and a vibrant reuse industry.

Our workforce development program offers training in deconstruction and construction related trades, including woodworking and shop skills. Trainees gain the certifications and skills needed in today's job market by working alongside experienced staff in the field.  Reclaim Detroit works with a network of community partners to offer job placement services, financial literacy training and other supportive services to ensure the success of our trainees.


Deconstruction is the process of systematically dismantling a structure with the intent to recover the maximum amount of materials for the highest and best re-use. Deconstruction crews work for homeowners, contractors, local governments, and other property owners to provide environmentally friendly, cost-effective removal of building components and complete structures, both residential and commercial. 

Deconstruction offers many benefits over standard demolition and while the process is different the end result is a clean, vacant site ready for development.  Some of the numerous benefits are listed below:

°          Promotes Community and Environmental Health

°          Creates 6x more jobs than demolition

°          Diverts materials from landfills for recycling and reuse

°          Preserves Cultural, Historic and Architectural Heritage

°          Offers opportunities for small businesses to emerge

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